About Us

WYCCP is a ‘through the gate’ resettlement organisation, established in 2005, which aims to reduce re-offending and contribute to building safer and stronger communities across West Yorkshire.  We provide holistic practical support and encouragement to men pre and post release to help them make positive life choices and cope with life in the community without offending.

In partnership with Jigsaw Visitors Centre , WYCCP are launching a three-year Big Lottery funded project ‘Family Support – In to Out’ in January 2017. This unique project will extend WYCCP’s support for men leaving HMP Leeds to support his family in the community, the family support service will be operational seven days a week.

WYCCP is distinctive in a number of ways:

  • We are a ‘through the gate’ organisation; we work with offenders both inside HMP Leeds and post release, we liaise with both the Community Rehabilitation Company and the National Probation Service.
  • We are located directly opposite the gates of HMP Leeds in MOJ accommodation and have close links within the prison.  Team members draw keys and directly access men on the wings.
  • We use volunteers – volunteer link workers – to support ex-prisoners in the community. We offer a comprehensive training programme and support structure to our volunteers.
  • We do not cherry pick our service users and work with men regardless of their offence*
  • We are highly professional in our delivery and undertake rigorous risk assessment of both service users and activities.   
  • WYCCP is a multi-faith organisation, initially envisaged by members of the multi faith Chaplaincy in HMP Leeds; we have links with faith communities and seek to engage them in resettlement activities.   

WYCCP has nearly ten years’ experience of working with men leaving prison. Resettlement workers visit prisoners – service users – for assessment and action planning prior to their release from prison. 

They meet them on release with a volunteer link worker, and then staff and volunteers continue to offer advice, support and signposting as appropriate during the critical weeks and months after release in the areas identified by the service user as significant to them in maintaining a crime-free life.  This support could include accompanying service users to appointments; for example for psychiatric assessments or interviews with housing providers; assistance in completing benefits forms; liaising with statutory agencies; for example the CRC/NPS or the NHS on behalf of service users; and giving advice and support in accessing training and employment. 

This is done in close partnership with any other voluntary community and public sector bodies involved in the service user’s resettlement.  We work with around 200 men a year in the community, around 50 intensively.

WYCCP is doing well; we have excellent success rates, based on over 5 years monitoring figures we expect that 73% of the men we have worked with significantly will not have returned to prison one year from release.

As a multi faith organisation we do not proselytise, but see the work that we do as a practical application of faith.


*with the exception of sex offenders